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Published: 26/05/2017 - 09:38
Last modification: 09/06/2017 - 11:54
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The PPGCS Selection Process is annual. The enrolment for courses of Academic Master Degree, Professional Master Associated with Residency in Health and Doctorate is initiated in October of each year, when the Notification is published.


1.Language Proficiency of the English Language 

Every candidate should present proficiency of the English language. The English language proficiency certificate should be presented upon enrolment; this should be signed by the head of the issuing body. For the Doctorate Degree, proof of proficiency will not be demanded for the English language. Proof in the proficiency in one other language should be presented in the maximum 24 months after the enrolment date. 

For the Master Degree, the following proficiency certificates will be accepted acquired as of October 2014, emitted by (a):


The following official exams acquired as of October 2011 emitted by (a):

  • Cambridge from the Intermediate level.
  • Michigan.
  • Toefl with a minimum of 500 points in the printed test or 230 in the electronic test.
  • TESE Prime with a minimum of 60 points.


  1. Research Project

The candidate should present a research project related to one of the lines of research from the PPCSA.  The project should be structured with the following elements:  I – title; II – introduction with revised literature; III – justification for the paper; IV – objectives; V – material and methods; VI – bibliography; and VII – chronogram for its execution and budget.

Observation:  Only the candidates of the Professional Master Degree Course Associated with Residency in Health should be enrolled, at the act of registration, in the penultimate year of the no Medical or Multi-professional Residency Program offered by the Federal University of Uberlândia.

Observation 2: Doctorate Direct

The students can put themselves forward for Doctorate Direct by fulfilling the requirement below, in addition to the basic requirements for the doctorate selection process:

  • Possess at least 3 published papers during the last three years in journals with an impact factor equivalent to B1 or higher (area of medicine I of CAPEA), with at least one being an A.
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